Curations and Publications

The Books, Blogs, Pins & Platforms that I curate. Do explore, perhaps there are some you may wish follow...

TEDx Sue Liburd

TEDx Talk: Natural Genius. Consulting with nature


CURATION: Curium - A Diversity and Inclusion knowledge bank to educate and inform personal thinking

Black Inclusion

COMMEMORATION: A founder and leader behind Black Inclusion Week

Executive Coaching

BOOK: Executive Coaching - How to make it work.

You Can & You Must

BOOK: You Can & You Must - Career planning for changing times.

Sue Liburd MBE

Curation: Thoughts and wisdom quotes for an inspired momentary pause.


BLOG: Well behaved women don't make history! A space were I honour women who I believe have/are making a difference.

Sticky Meme

BLOG: A meme is an idea that is easily transferable from one mind to another.

Power of Being a Woman

Book: A collaboration where we share our unique journey and experiences to achieve personal & professional success.