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The concept of the Tsuba:


A Tsuba is the hand guard at the end of the grip of  a Samurai sword. 

The sword blade is aggressive in its purpose. It is pure Yang - masculine and active in its intent. The Tsuba, is protective in its purpose. Its function is to guard, defend and preserve. It is pure Yin – feminine and supportive in its intent.


The Yang and the Yin are essential parts of the whole, you cannot see a sword blade without visualising the perfect Tsuba to compliment it, nor can you appreciate a Tsuba without mentally considering a fine and elegant blade. Different and equal, the two work in harmony with each other. Like the sword, I am sometimes yin and sometimes yang, however always with purposeful intent.

The power of Biomimicry Innovation:

Nature inspired design is already changing our world and solving many societal big challenges. Applying biomimicry and the principles of the adaptogenic nature of plants idea to the way we think and behave in business can be a catalyst for personal & professional transformation.

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Samurai Sword