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Thought Leadership

Leveraging my expertise, knowledge and insights, to provide fresh and valuable perspectives

to support business and organisational leaders because the world doesn't stand still. 

sue liburd 0922

Unashamedly Shifting Thinking

"Although the business case for diversity & inclusion is on the corporate leadership agenda, progress has remained stubbornly slow. Sue's research is uncovering paradoxes within diversity management and evolving thinking and frameworks for more effective organisational change. Sue and her research is a thoughtful contributor to the evolving narrative in the fast-changing ED&I landscape." 

Professor Belinda Colston,

University of Lincoln

I listen. I research. I think. I talk.


Thought Leadership

  • Think Different to Be Different

  • Diverse & Inclusive Workplace Cultures​

  • Human Capital Innovation

  • Leadership & the Organisational Paradox

Speaking Engagements


31  January: Barclays Banking & ABSTRACT UK | The Intention Action Gap

07 February: Harlaxton University | Cool Britannia - Unintended Consequences


08 February: Bravery in the Boardroom | Inclusive Leadership

15 March: Association of Professional Compliance | Humanising Change

21 March: HR World | Reshaping Thinking for Action

21 June: Inclusive Companies | Inclusive Leadership

23 June: Windrush 75 International Conference - Reforming our Futures | Service and Sacrifice

06 September: OFCOM |  Career Management & Influence

12 September: ENEI | Inclusive Approaches to Talent Progression

20 November: Bristol University  | Bridging the Gap - Equality Insight


01 December: Inclusive Companies Awards | The CEO Award

09 November: CREFC Europe Conference 2022  | Reshaping Thinking for Action

20 October: ENEI | Why Allyship Matters

29 September: Institute of Fundraising Conference | Diversity and Inclusion - The Fundraisers Dilemma

21 September: Eleanor Glanville Institute | Transforming Anchor Institutions 

09 May: Black Inclusion Week | Together for a Better Tomorrow

17 March: ABSTRACT UK & INTL | Diversity of Thought & Respect

08 March: Eleanor Glanville Institute | Bag of Aspirations - Breaking the Bias

20 January: Government Events | Women in Leadership



09 July: ABSTRACT UK & INTL | Diversity of Thought & Respect

06 July: Government Events Race Equality Conference | The Diversity Paradox

10 May: Black Inclusion Week | Be the Change

25 April: Government Events Pioneering Leadership Conference | Inclusive Decision Making
25 March: KaiFlow | Breaking the Binary

23 March: Government Events | Gender Equality 

11 March: NHS Armed Forces Conference | Time to Think

10 March: Armed Forces Officers Association | Women into Civilian Employment

04 March: University of Westminster | What does it take to be a Successful Leader

26 February: Government Events Conference | Race Equality in the Workplace

11 February: Women in Tax | The Diversity Paradox

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